Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel at Catalyst

Catalyst Staff backstage at North Point Community Church

Andy Stanley at Catalyst

Andy Stanley at Catalyst

Craig Groeschel at Catalyst

Craig Groeschel at Catalyst

I am still working through the last part of my edit for Catalyst One Day.  Two of the key speakers at the One Day event were Andy Stanley (North Point Community Church) and Craig Groeschel ( who talked about creating and sustaining momentum.  They had several individual sessions and then one larger session with both Andy and Craig with a great Q&A session which brought out hard questions from attendees.  I only wish I could have mentally recorded everything they said.

What I did record of course were the images of the day.  Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel are always animated, making for great photographic subjects.  Hope you enjoy a few from the day below.  The first photo is back stage with some of the Catalyst staff prepping for the day (that is Brad Lomenick in the middle sporting my very own hair cut).

I still have a few more, one from a session with Lanny Donoho which had everyone on the floor laughing, and then he drops a hand full of Mentos in a 2-liter of Dr Pepper, so stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel Photos at Catalyst

  1. I attened this conference and I had a great time. The two speakers did an excellent job of enertaining and informing. The music, facility, and structure were first class. I wish my schedule permitted me to attended every calast. Conference.


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