Tree in Back Yard

Pork Loin Roast

This has has been a crazy Saturday weather wise.  Started off with tornado and thunderstorm warnings all over the place and turned into a nice sunny and rather warm day at 70*, but tonight, there is snow expected.  I think we are well below the actual snow line if there is one but non-the-less, we are expecting a light dusting tonight.

We did have a nice evening with some friends from church tonight.  We shared a meal (see Pork Loin on the grill below) and enjoyed just a few minutes of not having to be somewhere or do something other than just hang out for a while.  It was nice, just wish it lasted a little longer. The buzz around the Internet right now seems to be how can we get out of going to church tomorrow because it is going to snow type thing, but apparently the doors of the church will be open come rain or snow, imagine that.  I am sure people up north who live in snow all winter are laughing. I guess my thought on that would be if you need an excuse not to come to church for a Sunday then just stay home and relax and watch the snow.

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