Jonathan Foreman of Switchfoot at Catalyst

Jonathan Foreman of Switchfoot at Catalyst

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

I have been reading through reviews by many of the bloggers that went to the Catalyst Conference in Atalanta last week and most are so good and so detailed that I have determined I have very little of anything intelligent to say after looking at their sites.  One in particular, Brad Ruggles, has several great posts like Pay Attention To The Rule-Breakers, Call + Response, and Catalyst Live Blogging: Andy Stanley to name a few.  Another fantastic blog of note is Anne Jackson’s Catalystbackstage and her personal blog, she also has a great rundown on day two, see Catalyst Day 2 Sessions and Video Wrap Up for a great list of other posts too.

Hope you enjoy a few images from the music of the afternoon on Thursday.

I have determined my job is not going to be to review any of the topics or subjects for the individual sessions, I’ll leave that up to the bloggers who know what they are doing with that, but I will continue to post a few images. Afterall, this is basically Catalyst from my point of view.

Music at Catalyst Was Almost Beyond Compare

I have been to countless concerts, live events, large and small and one thing that stood out to me was how intense the worship was while these incredible bands performed for His glory.  Jon Foreman, the lead singer for Switchfoot, performed around mid-day on Thrusday and was just incredible.

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