Encounter Live with Grace Campus Ministries at Auburn

This past Thursday I was privileged to be able do a photo shoot of the Encounter worship band performing live at the new Auburn University Student Activities Center on the Auburn University campus.  Once again, this week was a fantastic time of music and worship.  If you are a student at Auburn University and just enjoy hearing a great live band perform, I encourage you to check these guys out, they will not disappoint.  It’s free and you don’t have to do anything but listen to some great music.    You can check with Grace Campus Ministries for dates and times for the next live event (usually on Thursday nights at 8:30pm in the new student act center).

I had a hard time picking 3-4 images of Thursday to post here, so I have 6 here for you.  The entire gallery has about 100 images from Thursday night so if you want to see a little more of the band, some of the students, and the evening in general, just check out the Encounter at Auburn Sep 2008 gallery for the full shoot.  To see all the gallery images at once without having to click on each image, just click on the slideshow in the upper right corner.

I have really enjoyed getting to know the band members over the past few weeks, they really have a heart for the Lord and are about as genuine as it gets.  They play with passion and emotion because they believe in what they sing.  Talking with Daniel Bashta (the worship leader) after the concert he told me why bother doing anything if it can’t be done with passion, and that is how they play. Again, if you are an Auburn student I would really encourage you to visit the student act center one week while they are playing.  With 1,000 fellow students there, you are bound to meet someone you know.

Encounter Performs with Grace Campus Ministries at Auburn

Encounter Performs with Grace Campus Ministries at Auburn

Encounter Performs with Grace Campus Ministries at Auburn

Daniel, Worship Leader for Encounter

Encounter Live with Grace Campus Ministries at Auburn

The image just above is Daniel the worship leader for Encounter.  The entire band can be seen in the first two images and several more of that particular shoot in the gallery.  If you were at Encounter on Thursday I would love to hear your comments below about experiences you had that night.  All of the photos and lights and the music, are all for the glory of the Lord, but without the students, there wouldn’t be anything going on in the student act center at all, so I hope all those who did come had a meaningful experience last Thursday.

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