It has been a mixed up kind of week for us here.  With the tropical storm Fay, and now Gustov on its way, we can see two more tropical disturbances also looking for a new home, so we headed down to the coast to check out our sailboat.  We have been trying to sell our sailboat for a while now but it needed a little extra attention during this time so along with everything else going on, we took one day to see the coast before the next storm.

If we look at the calendar there is another holiday coming up, the first Auburn football game this Saturday… I can almost feel the lighter, cooler air that’s on its way (in maybe three more months). As I was flipping through some of my collected quotes and poems from my mother-in-law I came across this one and it sounded appropriate for the week.  You may have heard it before, but it is still cute.

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