Last night I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot of Encounter while they performed at Auburn University (in the new Student Activities Center building that just opened) as a part of Grace Campus Ministries. This was the first time I had been able to get over to see Encounter and it was amazing.

The images below are a few off the top. You can see the larger, higher res versions on the gallery under Encounter Aug 2008. These are just the first five to be added to the gallery, once I work through the edit I will add additional images.  Did I mention they are intense. The first image is Daniel Bashta the worship leader, but the last two say it all.

Daniel Bashta Worship Leader

Drummer for Encounter

Matt Dean Leads a Prayer

Auburn University Students

Auburn University Students

It was an amazing night (see also Encounter at Auburn University on Thursday’s for those who read this blog but not The Damascus Blog).

13 thoughts on “Grace Campus Ministries with Encounter at Auburn University

  1. These pictures look great! Thanks so much for coming out and shooting. You will soon see these on, but don’t worry, i’ll be sure to link back here.


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