That’s it, we will have to go to Vancouver in 2010. A day later, I am still watching the replay of Michael Phelps winning his 7th gold medal by a hundredth of a second, just unreal, but the images coming out of China are really just as fantastic as Phelps winning another gold.

If you haven’t been following the blog posts from the photographers covering the games for Newsweek, you should check this out. The images of how the photographers setup are great, but Vincent Laforet explains how he shot from the catwalk during the swim meet (see World Records Seen From Above), just incredible shots Vincent.

Although, from the looks of it, if you are not a “pool photographer” you are out of luck sometimes. From what I have read, most of the photographers from Newsweek have had to push, fight, pull, and stand their ground when it came to staking a claim to their photographic shooting turf.

They are certainly hard fought images and positions over there, but they still manage to come away with some really great shots, and Michael Phelps has won his 7th gold metal by a hundredth of a second, still. Soon he will try for the 8th and final relay, can’t wait to watch the race.

2 thoughts on “Mesmerized By Phelps Images from Beijing?

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and site Scott…always fun to meet another photographer…especially one who’s into blogging! I’m from Auburn, but currently living and working out of Birmingham. Keep in touch!


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