The Denver Airport in 50mm

The Denver Airport in 50mm

The Denver Airport Roof in 50mm

The Denver Airport Security in 50mm

American Airlines Wing at 35,000 feet in 50mm

This is the second part of a three part series on three airports I photographed in 50mm. The first was Atlanta (ATL), Atlanta Airport and a 50mm Lens // Part 1, this one being Denver (DEN), and the last will be Miami Airport (MIA).

All images in each part were shot with a Nikon D700 (in full frame FX mode), hand held, with a 50mm Nikkor f/1.4 lens. Comments, suggestions, critique, or criticism are all welcome. These are shown in the order they were taken.  To see the larger sizes all at once just click on the first image to open the light box gallery and you can scroll through the larger sizes that way.

Some of you may know I use to work in the airline industry, once had my pilot’s license, and traveled quite a bit, so I was trying to do something a little different this time. Many times you go to a place you have been many many times and you see nothing worthing of photography, but that is rarely the case.

I forced myself to look around and see what made my current environment special, and many times you have to get creative. The fountains are the center point of the lower floor of the common area, but completely surrounded by terrible backgrounds.  In Denver, a newer airport, one thing stood out, the roof. I have flown in and out of Denver many times and never really paid attention to the architecture of the roof. It is obvious driving to DEN from anywhere in Denver. A large white tent like structure that towers over the flat landscape.

The last one is simple but that’s what I like about it. There is a certain amount of peace at 35,000 feet when you have no control over anything. The sky turns from haze on the ground to an almost black of space above.

7 thoughts on “Denver Airport Photos and a 50mm Lens :: DEN-MIA

  1. Great photos. I did quite a bit of traveling to and thru Denver Airport when I was in the travel industry as well. Thanks for sharing your perspective on the “normal” around us.


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