Wall Artwork

Train Station in ATL

Underground Walkway in ATL Airport

Concourse D in ATL

KLM in International Terminal on Concourse E in ATL

Art Display on Councourse E in ATL Airport

Shopping in Atlanta Airport

Waiting at the Departure Gate in ATL

Heavy Storms Cover the Atlanta Airport

Arrival Departure Terminals for Delta

Parallel Approach in to DFW from ATL

This past weekend I was in 4 different major airports, ATL, DFW (was supposed to be ORD), DEN, and MIA. I decided early on that I was going to do a shoot of each airport, as viewed by me, through a 50mm lens, and this is it. This is part 1 of part 3. Our flight was so delayed leaving ATL that I did not shoot one image in DFW, but I have been in that airport so many times it didn’t really bother me that I missed it.

All images in each part were shot with a Nikon D700 (in full frame FX mode), hand held, with a 50mm Nikkor f/1.4 lens. Comments, suggestions, critique, or criticism are all welcome. These are shown in the order they were taken. To see the larger sizes all at once just click on the first image to open the light box gallery and you can scroll through the larger sizes that way. To me, each image tells a story. I could discuss each one below the image but each person’s story is different. One of my favorites here is the guy waiting at the gate.

I think this is mostly because he is on the phone with a bluetooth device and right behind him is a pre-paid phone dispenser. While at the gate frustrated passengers discuss the finer points of air travel with the gate agent, he is happy with just going through the menus on his phone. Almost a peaceful way about him since he isn’t involved in the line at the gate.

13 thoughts on “Atlanta Airport Photos and a 50mm Lens :: ATL-DFW

  1. Looks like you are a people watcher yourself. I love watching people coming and going at the airport. I bet you got a few weird looks while taking those shots at the airport. Nice pics though.

    Heaths last blog post..Chicago


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