I am sure by now just about everyone who knows who Steven Curtis Chapman is knows what happened in the news with his daughter being killed on Wednesday.

One of those tragic accidents that reminds me very much of the situation with the Burgess family back in January (see Attacks on the Burgess Family). Both of these “events” came to see the tragic loss of a child by a Believing family.  It is not something that makes any sense or any of us can put a reason or explanation on it. It is only the understanding that we (as a people) are not in control down here, nor should we be I think.  In God, all things work for His good.

One thing that comes to mind to me is Psalm 147:5

5 Great is our Lord and abundant in strength;
His understanding is infinite.

Although it is not under our own understanding, I am sure the Chapman family will turn to God during this tragic even, and we should as well. I know I don’t speak alone when I say many people are praying for you Steven Curtis Chapman.

Update: The Chapman family has setup a blog for their daughter Maria Sue Chapman and the post for the condolences are located at Maria Sue Chapman (2003-2008) (be aware, the page loads slow with more than 14,000 comments so far)

Here is also a post that was part of the memorial service for Maria Sue Chapman. Maria’s Memorial Service

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