deborah december 1977

Well, this is sort of quickly becoming a tradition on Thursday, thanks to Throwback Thursday(3), but since yesterday was my wife’s birthday, I decided to make today’s Throwback Thursday a wife version. This is Deborah when she was 12, she had just won the most sales of girl scout cookies, probably ever. Her entire living room was full of boxes of cookies, and is now a legend story in our house. From 1977, the proud Girl Scout. Her blog is over at

2 thoughts on “Deb as a Busy Girl Scout Selling Cookies :: Throwback Thursday

  1. Thats impressive! I just read an article on yahoo recently, this girl has just set a new record for the most sales ever for GS cookies. I think its a great thing, you learn alot of entrepreneurial skills selling the cookies, and plus you help your fellow troops 😉


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