If you are new to this blog, this is my daily image of the day post. I try to do this as a daily post of a photo I have taken at one point or another, as often as I can. Today is a favorite photography subject of mine, just because they are usually very cooperative when you are going to take their photo. Unlike people whom always seem to fidget, spiders are only interested in something when it hits their web.

I would have preferred to take this from the other side but it just wasn’t possible that particular day. I still love the detail in the web itself.

3 thoughts on “Photographing Spiderwebs in the Rain

  1. […] Taking a photograph of a spider web can be lots of fun when you see the results, but shoot many different angles and options, they are not as easy to see on film as one might think. Another good way to photograph spiders or spider webs is using the sun’s angle at first light or last light when you can get some nice color reflecting on the web. For two other photo shoots on closeups of spiderwebs see Macro Photography of a Spider Web in Morning Dew and Photographing Spiderwebs in the Rain. […]


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